Working together to beat the Tories in Godalming and Ash

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"This simple, local idea, which enhances our trust in each other, could transform our political system"

The next election is a chance for change. And it's not far away.

Godalming and Ash is a brand new constituency, so let's take this opportunity to remove Jeremy Hunt.

Thanks to a divided opposition, Conservatives repeatedly win in safe seats, often with a lot less than 50 per cent of the vote.

But in Godalming and Ash we can change this. If we all come together we can win.

We need to choose a single opposition candidate for the next general election.

The Conservative party is a big tent, spanning a huge range of views from the likes of Ken Clarke MP to Kwasi Kwarteng MP, the chancellor who crashed our economy.

But the opposition is fragmented, giving this unaccountable & complacent government absolute power on a minority vote.

Let's rally behind a single progressive candidate whose values the majority of us share.

The Primary will shake up the tired ‘Safe Seat’ status quo – a new, fair approach that will give people in Godalming & Ash a real choice.

And that can only be good for democracy.

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